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Watson Law Incorporated has always been highly innovative and extremely tech-savvy. Even though we are far apart, during these trying times, our professional team is still very capable, and working non-stop on all the matters handled by our firm. Our professional staff is available on our office landline at +27 (0) 12.804.0748 / 7898, on our cell phones, and of course via email.

Video calls can be arranged upon request.

Please find our contact details below:
Howard Wesley Watson – 084.898.2455 EMAIL WESLEY
Roelien Watson – 082.774.2649 – EMAIL ROELIEN
Andrea Jacobs – EMAIL ANDREA

Litigation Department – EMAIL

Family Law Department – EMAIL FAMLAW

Collections Department – EMAIL COLLECTIONS

Unit A4 Office@Nature, 500 Botterklapper Street, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, South Africa, 0184
+27 (0) 12.804.0748 / 7898 / 084.898.2455 / 082.774.2649

Reg No.: 2013/042910/21 – VAT No.: 488 026 3605

In Association With: SCHOEMAN ATTORNEYS (PRETORIA) | Tel: 083.7280.444        EMAIL SCHOEMAN ATTORNEYS




Our office is conveniently located in the East of Pretoria, South Africa, easily accessible from the N4 Highway. Our address falls within the service jurisdiction of the North Gauteng High Court, as well as the Pretoria and Pretoria North Magistrates’ Courts. Our building conveniently offers free, secure parking, with meeting rooms in a number of shapes and sizes.

We are situated a mere 6.7 km / 4.16 miles / 8 min drive from the Hatfield Gautrain Station (approximately ZAR155 with UberX, one way)

We further offer consultations via Video Call, mostly using electronic platforms selected/preferred by our clients, and at times best suited to our client’s individual needs, irrespective of the client’s time zone. Where possible, we also make ourselves available to travel to our clients’ premises.

Legal Services

Your Support: When you are faced with a legal question, let us be part of your solution.

General Areas: Commercial, Company Law, Contracts, Conveyancing, Corporate, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Domestic Partnerships, Employment Law, Family Law, Firearm license applications, General Practice, Labour Law, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Matrimonial, Mediation, Trusts, Wills

**Additional Services: Our background with the National Credit Act, places us in the unique position to advise on the mitigation of your credit risk profile, be it debt collection, Contract Enforcement or drafting of Client Agreements, we are your solution.

For a broader list, see Expertise or Contact Us to discuss.

Who we are

Watson Law Incorporated is a multi-discipline, full-service law firm, offering a comprehensive spectrum of legal, compliance, consulting, and project management services to corporate and individual clients worldwide.

With an enthusiastic, professional, and dynamic legal team, with extensive experience in Dispute Resolution, Watson Law Incorporated is uniquely equipped to assist clients with simple or complex legal and business-related matters.

Our team boasts unique expertise in compliance, corporate governance, and commercial litigation, and follows an innovative approach and individualized service, with the incorporation of technologically advanced processes, customized to meet each respective client’s needs.

The turbulent legal and economic landscape of South Africa has never before demanded more competent and efficient service providers as it does today. We have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to secure a sound, ethical network of partners, and have formed strategic alliances with experts in a vast array of specialty fields. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to provide all our Clients with a service offering that goes above and beyond run-of-the-mill legal services.

In addition, the world has become a much smaller place over the last decade and Watson Law Incorporated has ensured that it is well-placed and equipped with the knowledge, network, infrastructure, and ability to provide international clients with superior service, at highly competitive rates.

Having learned from our experiences, we have refined our methodology, with a sharp focus on disciplining ourselves in particular areas of commercial legislation and legal argument. Watson Law Incorporated believes in continuous professional development, not for the points or the “Kudo’s”, but to ensure that our service offering and our advice remain highly relevant and meet international standards of general practice.

We represent our Clients without fear or favour.

And in 2020 Watson Law added to its dynamic legal team and entered into Association with SCHOEMAN ATTORNEYS (PRETORIA) who can be contacted on Tel: 083.7280.444 or you can EMAIL SCHOEMAN ATTORNEYS

Our Mission

Watson Law Incorporated is the culmination of thirteen years of legal expertise in the South African civil litigation environment. Officially founded in 2013, and rebranded in 2016, it is a full-service law firm with a strong focus on Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration.

Our practical knowledge and rich experiences allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to our Private and Corporate clients, with the highest level of integrity, people-oriented approach, and which is given back to the society whenever possible.

We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective and professional service.

Unlawful use of our Company Profile / Name

Over the last number of years we have seen an increase in the unlawful use of our company name and/or the names of our attorneys.

June 2019

The Watson Law Incorporated company name and the names of our attorneys have been used in various fraudulent communications, letters and telephone calls.

These fraudulent communications typically seek to mine personal information and data of an identified victim, often an active client, by suggesting that our firm wishes to update our banking details and all current accounts are to be paid into this “new” banking account. Please note that no change in banking details will occur telephonically.

Other previous scams include obtaining an “inheritance” or “a job”, the information of which is obtainable after the payment of an upfront fee or the receipt of a demand for money in relation to a non-existent claim.

These types of scams are followed up with the delivery of falsified documentation referring to our firm’s name and/or the alleged attorney working on the matter.

Common scams include:

  • inheritances from an unknown relative;
  • offers of security work/visa services;
  • bogus review websites, or name-and-shame websites;
  • fake judges / barristers / solicitors / attorneys / legal practitioners misusing our name regarding the payment or release of any funds;
  • foreign property transfers;
  • contracts purporting to be drafted by us regarding the sale of overseas businesses;
  • use of our telephone numbers by false credit collectors.

This is not an exhaustive list of the possible scams or corrupt dealings. Please remain at all times vigilant for your own protection. The aim of all these scams is to mine your money and/or your personal data, to be used in other unlawful activities.

Please at all times remember that the first contact is intended to gain your trust and only after the second or third communication do the fishing activities begin to request your money or personal details.

Please note that this firm and its employees are in no way involved in these or any other types of scams or corrupt activities. In addition, please note that we do not use Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Vodamail or Yahoo email addresses, nor email addresses such as

We recommend you delete scam emails and do not reply to any scam letters. Please do not click on any added internet links that may be included in email correspondence. Watson Law Incorporated will never send you a download link, unless specifically requested by you.

If you are unsure if you are dealing with a scam, please contact our office at: Contact Us.